Saturday, 19 March 2011

Alright, Blog time.

I've never done this before - so yeah, where do I start? This blog will contain my mindless drivel of some of my very favourite things, and some of my not so favourite - namely University!

As the title suggest you'll be hearing some stories about one of my good friends, Ryano. If you've heard of Karl Pilkington, you'll know what kind of stories to expect, because this guy - as much as I love him - is an absolute moron. But more on him at a later date!

He's also a doppelganger of the world famous boner kid.

This first time will be about an album I recently stumbled on.. and holy shit, it's fucking fantastic.
Allegaeon - Fragments Of Form And Function

1. The Cleansing (4:29)
2. The Renewal (4:19)
3. Across the Folded Line (4:25)
4. The God Particle (5:24)
5. Biomech - Vals No.666 (7:27)
6. From Seed to Throne (5:16)
7. Atrophy of Hippocrates (4:37)
8. Point of Disfigurement (4:03)
9. A Cosmic Question... (5:32)
10. Accelerated Evolution (8:09)

This album right here is melodeath perfection... and it's from the Americans! It's technical as hell, produced perfectly and showcases exactly why metal is the best damn genre of music in the world. The two things that really, really impress me about this album are the lyrics which are damn thought provoking and the fact the band understand that it's not longer acceptable to play fast and technical to be impressive. These days it's got to actually sound good (right, Kerry King?). 

Bah, I've spoken long enough. I think it's best if I let the band do the rest of the talking.



  1. I dunno how you can listen to metal, it just sounds like someone has put the TV on a channel where nothing is tuned in. I don't know how they scream. Like Lupe Fiasco, you can always understand him.

  2. Good metal is always relavent.

  3. Cheers for the comment, followed :D

  4. doesnt everyone a moron for a friend haha. Cant wait to here your stories, I might throw in some stories about a guy from my work into my blog.

  5. Welcome to the world of blogging!

  6. Pretty good song, a little bit heavier than what I usually listen too but still good.

  7. I haven't quite fallen in love, but I think I'm going to give them another few listens. Also, Merkin: This is only one subgenre of metal. Metal is so broad of a genre, that if you looked hard enough, I guarantee you'd find a certain niche that you liked.

  8. haha, the boner kid pic made me lol