Monday, 21 March 2011

So, about this Ryano kid..

I'll start off with one of my favourite stories about the guy..

This took place a while back in my hometown of Leeton, NSW - A small rural town with a population of around 7000. It was a public holiday so all the local watering holes were closed and as such we had nowhere to drink our beer. One of us has the bright idea to rent a room at the local hotel the "Historic Hydro" - Brilliant!

What a Fine Establishment

 Eventually we'd all drank our fill and passed out somewhere in the room. It wasn't until 5am when I was woken by the noise of Ryano. He was sitting in our pitch black room, with a chair facing the bed, sipping a hip flask. After questioning why he was watching me sleep I asked why he had not slept himself. You see, he had been out exploring the Motel - searching for bats. Yes, Bats.

"Did you find any then Ryano?"


"How long have you been looking?"

"About 3 hours."

"You're a very odd person Ryano."

As day broke we decided to get out of the room early before the owners could see the amount of beer we'd spilt everywhere and began walking towards the local McDonald's for breakfast. On the way we spotted a stray dog. We immediately knew that Ryano was needed. With a few encouraging words Ryano was off - sprinting as fast as he could down the main road of the town - at 6am, after a stray dog.

Yes Ryano, attack!

However, he didn't compensate for the wet road - and slide into the ground at full sprint, tearing his pants and leaving a layer of his skin on the road in the process. The dog took this time to escape.

Eventually we'd made it to McDonalds, and this one sight pretty much sums up my mate Ryano for me. Ryano standing in line at 6am as casual as you can be, bleeding all over himself and the floor because he really wanted a Mc'Muffin!

Yeah, make it a small coke - i'm watching my calories.

You're an idiot Ryano.


  1. ryano seems a little creepy. it reminds me of the part of paranormal activity where the girl just stands there watching her bf sleep. creepy as fawk cuzz.

    why aren't you motivated to go to university? just do it foo

  2. I hope he made it in before breakfast ended so he could get his mc'muffin. Otherwise he may not have been the only person bleeding at that McDonalds

  3. Omg ouch! How many stitches did he get?

  4. Fucking ryano i hate it, haha following bro!

  5. Man, he sounds like a wierdo.

  6. Ouch that looks like it hurts! Followed!

  7. damn that arm looks pretty bad.

  8. that got to hurt
    bomb-a-stick post by the way

  9. What a story.

  10. Good one!
    Got yourself a new follower! :)

  11. Perhaps it wasn't just alcohol.... Reminded of Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas - "this is bat country!"

  12. looks like the cuts hurt a bit.

  13. Oh I remember when I had once a McMuffin at 5 in the morning :) it was epic... not gonna go too deep in details hehehe

  14. we need to see more of ryano....

  15. That sounds like a fine day to me.

  16. Sound like a normal day...
    Following :)