Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Top 10 Upcoming Games of 2011 - Part 1

I may have failed to mention this so far, but I'm a pretty big gamer. Luckily for me 2011 is shaping up to be a pretty big year for gaming and as such - here is what I'm looking forward to the most.

 10 - Deus Ex: Human Revolution

The original Deus Ex is still my favourite game of all time. The sheer volume of way you could finish the game and the amazing atmosphere it create has, in my opinion yet to be matched. While its sequel was lacklustre in comparison it was still a very enjoyable game.

This year will mark the third outing for the franchise and while I'm very, very excited about this one - I do have some worries.  For one I'm not really a fan of the new art style, and for a prequel - some of the tech seem more advanced than the original! The combat system also troubles me, with what seems like a big focus on hand to hand combat and a third person camera (wtf?).

I know people will say I'm living in the past, but I'm sure I'm speaking for a lot of Deus Ex fans here when I say - all we really want is a HD remake of the original. Please don't ruin Deus Ex for me!

9 - Duke Nukem : Forever

What do I really need to say? It's finally coming...

But to be honest, I don't even think the game is going to be that good, but after waiting all this time I'm going to enjoy the crap out of it.

The gameplay videos look promising but after such a turbulent development cycle and some strange decisions (4v4 player multiplayer - even on PC?!) can it really deliver? We'll soon see!

8 - Brink

This game was one that I wasn't overly excited for until recently, here I was thinking "..yet another post apocolyptic FPS blah blah blah..." However, with some recent gameplay videos I'm thinking this is going to be amazingly fun game.

Interestingly it's campaign can be played 3 ways - offline like a vanilla SP FPS, cooperatively with friends or even competatively online. It also has a HUGE amount of customisation in both weapons and character models which will definately be a fun feature when playing online.

... and oh yeah, about those character models - they are among the most gorgeous I've ever seen in a video game. Ever.

7 - Batman : Arkham City

2009's Arkham Asylum was my GOTY. It perfectly blended action, adventure and storytelling - and shit, it was Batman. This year marks the release of the second game, Arkham City which seems to be building on this already rock solid game.

To be honest as long as it feels like the first game - nothing much has to be changed at all. It reminded me of the N64 era games such as Mario64 and Banjo Kazooie - but obviously with a much darker tone and a much more involved combat system.

If this game is anything like the original there's a good chance it will be my 2011 GOTY as well.

6 - Battlefield 3

Battlfield 2 was, in my opinion the greatest online warefare game ever made. Since then close combat games have risen to prominance (CoD, MoH etc.), and while we did get Bad Company - to me, it didnt really "feel" like a Battlefield game.
With the upcoming realease of Battlefield 3 however, there is hope - especially with the PC being the lead platform (PRAISE THE LORD!). This time around they're even squeezing in a SP game - but really, who cares about that?!

See you on the Battlefield.

See the rest of my top 10 in my next blog very soon! And don't forget to comment and follow!


  1. I can't wait for Duke, the mulitplayer looks deliciously controvesial.

  2. due to the art style of deus ex, it's actually approaching my number 3, along with mass effect 3 and skyrim

  3. Yessssssssss...finally. Duke Nukem!

  4. awesome post! i pretty much only like/play old-school games on the snes/gameboy/n64 but it's interesting to see the new-age games and graphics

  5. Duke's about F-ing time that game finally comes out. I hope it's not a let down

  6. looks like some great games coming out, very excited, followed

  7. I expect Mass Effect 3 in the second part? Close to #1? :D

  8. Diablo 3 needs a release date!

  9. Probably looking up to BF3 the most

  10. great post. looking forward to reading your next one

  11. Looking forward to Batman : Arkham City. Also Duke Nukem should be interesting, considering the last time I played Duke Nukem was in a DOS box :)

  12. great vids. Batman GOTY again hopefully.

  13. Arkham City will be epic awesome. I enjoyed the first game so much, the combat was sooo fun.